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Photos From the Vincennes Rendevous

Feast of the Hunters Moon

Harold from California

I received my beginner’s short-scale Dulcimer (package deal) yesterday, and I wanted to tell you that I am very, very pleased.

I've been around woodworking and musical instruments most of my life, and while the woods may not be 'exotic', the build quality, sound, and overall craftsmanship are first rate. The action is especially nice... and very much appreciated by this beginner. Thanks very much!

Shelia from Chattanooga, TN

I absolutely love my Koa round bottom dulcimers Bill made. He does very good work. They play and sound great.

Gina from Georgia

Love playing the Berg dulcimer.

David from Bermuda

The Dulcimer arrived safely, it's a great instrument and looks beautiful as well.

Guido Eva from Germany

Everything arrived safely to me. Very nice instruments. Great craftsmanship. (Hammered Dulcimer and Dulcimer Compatible Lap Harp)

Barb from Indy

I have been playing a 4 string dulcimer for about 2 yrs. and wanted a 5 string once I heard it, so Mountain Made Music worked with me and I love the sound my new 5 string beginner dulcimer gives out.  The drone on it just fills the room.  The sound is so different than the 4 string.

Thanks again Bill and Sue for working so much with me, you're a great group of people.Oh by the way so is Anna a good teacher (can't leave her out of this) See you at some of your workshops. 

Dave - Conneticut
Wanted to share this picture of one of Bill's dulcimers made in 1984 and he purchased in 1987 and still plays. He recently bought another nice hourglass rounded bottom mountain dulcimer for his daughter. "Loves the dulcimers Bill makes."

Joni from Minnesota
I am still enjoying & love the beautiful tone I'm getting on my little lap harp you made.  It's wonderful!!! I played it for one of our music history sessions, & eveyone seemed to love it. Of course it was just before Christmas. I played Masters in the Hall, & it was GREAT! Thanks so much for making such beautiful, quality instruments.

Barbara - Ohio
"I love my dulcimer. My teacher likes the extra string next to the drone string. She thinks it adds to our group when we are playing. I am enjoying it a great deal."

Bill at Corydon Dulcimer Festival
"Many Folks Were Playing Berg Dulcimers"
Great Festival

Richard - Tai Chung Hau village
I can hardly think of a more noble profession than that of the dulcimer builder.

Every day, using their own hands, they somehow manifest a magical device, infused with the cultural history of Appalachia, that speaks directly to the soul. These instruments may appear simple, but each is a highly refined system based on intricate, highly technical inter-relationships even physicists don't fully grasp.

One by one, the luthiers gift these wonderfully crafted instruments to the world, usually at a fraction of their true value, to be handled (or mishandled) by all -- young and old, good and evil, talented and tin-earred.

One such luthier is Mr. William Berg of Columbus, Indiana.

Twenty-five years ago, he and his spouse Laura crafted an elegant, soft-spoken teardrop instrument entirely out of Walnut. Knowing they could not control its fate indefinitely, the Bergs sent the dulcimer on its journey through time, receiving no more than $75 or so for their efforts.

Fortunately, it was played heavily, rather than sitting forlorn in a closet, as so many fine instruments are fated to do. Fret wear and pick marks attest to the hard work this dulcimer performed over the coming quarter century, no doubt bringing the spiritual and emotional release to its players as only a dulcimer knows how to do.

Then, bedraggled but still sturdy, the instrument appeared on an Internet trading forum, humbly appealing for a new soul to nourish. Acquired for a pittance, the kindly old dulcimer was sent back to its maker, who still produces fine instruments, day after day, in his Indiana workshop.

For a mere $25, Bill Berg breathed new life into the old dulcimer, replacing those bits and pieces that had succumbed to the ravages of time. Compensating, tinkering and tweaking, Bill restored the instrument's haunting, ethereal, irresistably beautiful voice.

Then, after travelling halfway across the planet, the old dulcimer quickly burrowed itself deep into the new owner's heart, sparking an astounding rush of creative passion. The soft but compelling melodies now trickling through the village have brought new richness to all who live here, including a 94-year-old woman who hobbles by every morning just to hear the instrument sing.

From all of us here in Tai Chung Hau village: Thank you, Bill Berg.

Steve - Idaho
"Everyone Kept Oooing And Awing Over The Dulcimer That I Commented That I May As Well Had Been Showing Off A New-born Child."

Janis - Florida

"Hi -- as you know, we are wintering in Florida -- FYI , while  family members were visiting,   my daughter and I played dulcimer   from  our golf cart,   and  our family of nine  walled all    around our camp with us singing and playing    Christmas carols  --- we sang at  about thirty   homes  ---  so, please know that your dulcimers are spreading Christmas cheer all the way to Okeechobee, FL this winter ----
     -- I love playing my all cherry dulcimer with the bird designs --  even with my hand problems,  it is easy to play and especially  great for playing chords ---"

Steve - Idaho

"I love my mountain dulcimer so much and just getting my hammered dulcimer I am finding I love playing it just as much. I love Bill's double sided hammers. I can use them while playing in my apartment. I enjoy playing in places and having people come up to admire the instruments so much."

Corydon Dulcimer Festival - Corydon, Indiana

"Many of the dulcimer players attending the festival had Berg instruments. Some models even from the late 70's and early 80's they were still playing and loved the instruments. Many praises from the folks attending the festival. One person attending said Berg dulcimers have the best sound quality." See a few festival photos above.

Jayne - Michigan
"My grandkids and myself are enjoying the bowed psaltery so much. We like exploring new musical instruments. The psaltery is giving us something new to play and we love the sound of it."

Sue R. - Florida
"I really enjoy playing my dulcimer. I have played at our Park Club House and our church."

Couple - Michigan
"We love playing the two mountain dulcimers we got from you. Thank you for having a left handed dulcimer for me to play. We are enjoying them very much."

Bob - New York

"Hello I received my order yesterday and when I got home late last night I was able to try it out. I have no musical background. I was able to play a couple of the songs and could tell what they were. The Harp is very well made and looks great . I am hoping to have a great deal of fun with my nieces and nephews and grand children with it. Thank you Bob"

Amy - Selma Indiana
Just wanted you to know that I bought one of your dulcimers late last fall, and am absolutely loving it! My dogs even seem to enjoy listening... music does soothe the savage beasts, and I have living proof!
"Loving My Dulcimer"

Anna - Indiana
"Dulcimers have a beautiful tone...well made
Enjoy playing very much!"

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