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Unique Handcrafted Bowed Psalteries

The bowed psaltery is made of various woods, either walnut, maple, poplar, mahogany or cherry.
Different woods are used to make this unique instrument.
The bowed psaltery is played with a bow on a scale of do-re-mi.
Tablature may also be used playing along with dulcimer.
$250.00 Walnut Bowed Psaltery includes wrench, bow, rosin and book

$250.00 Walnut Bowed Psaltery includes wrench, bow, rosin and book
In Stock and Ready to Ship

Top Walnut
Sides Maple
Back Walnut
Walnut 22" Sides 1 1/2"

Canvas Cases sold separately upon request.

Tuning Wrench
Works with lap harps and psalteries